iOS Files App - Overwrites files without warning, even with different extensions!?!?

Found a disturbing bug and would like to know how widespread it is:

If I have a file called myFile.docx in an iCloud Drive folder, and I drag a filed called into the same iCloud Drive folder, overwrites myFile.docx without warning and without any way to recover the .docx file.

But this doesn’t always happen, and I can have other files with the same name but different extensions co-existing in the same folder.

I think this is somehow related to whether or not the file extension is visible in iCloud. There’s no toggle (as there is in macOS to turn this on or off. It seems to just be an issue of how the file is saves and/or created).

Anybody else see this issue?

I have not, but I tried with .pdf and .jpg files with the same name—as you pointed out that works for you, too.

Have you tried TimeMachine for the restore? That should have several versions of the file.

Thanks, but there’s no Time Machine on iOS (and the overwritten file does not show up in the “Recently Deleted” files on the web version of iCloud Drive.

I wonder if it has to do with files created or saved to iCloud for the first time on iOS.

Sure, my bad… I “assumed” you had a Mac in the mix as well. (You know what they say about assuming…)