iOS Files Naming

Is there any way to get the iOS files app to retain the suffix of file names? I often run into issues where I have this scenario — three images all the same except for the file time. On my Mac I have titles that look like this: image.jpg, image.png, image.psd. On the Mac, it’s perfectly clear the image types, but on my iOS devices, they all are called “image” and I can’t tell which is which. I have the same problem with .key & .ppt files.

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Can’t help with having Files always display the extension, but you can long press on the file and select “info” from the contextual menu that pops file extension is displayed there with lots of other options.

Interestingly, Files does not hide the extensions for all files. My Python scripts have the “.py”. Disk images retain their extension. So do the lesser known file types like “.pptx”.