iOS invalid certificate warning

Hi guys,

I am pulling my hair trying to add an IOT device to my network. I have the app installed, follow all the instructions but the POS IOT device is just super crappy. Now, after multiple attempts, I am getting some error messages from the connections, esp. one about it’s certificate being invalid. I know rejecting insecure connections is a great iOS security feature, but is there any way to disable it temporarily to possibly get to the next step? I kinda trust it to not hack me, but at this point, I can’t even check for software updates to the thing. That seems to be very much needed right now.

I’d try resetting the IOT device to factory default before disabling anything on IOS

What’s the device? Maybe someone here has used the same thing successfully, and has some tips?


Well, it never worked right, so as far as I can tell, it’s pretty much at “factory” already. Also, I did that once already, so I should have included that info. Good tip, though - it sometimes work.

Katie, it’s a Garo MELN device that starts my car’s engine heater at the right time, depending on the weather. If it’s really cold, it starts a few hours earlier to ensure I’m comfy at the departure time. The app simply lets me set the departure time over wifi. Like most smart devices, pure convenience, but damn, I payed extra for that wifi option, so I’d like to use it :slight_smile:

Not sure how much international sales Garo has in this market, but I guess northern US and Canda could use something like this. It’s a Swedish manufacturer.

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