iOS / iPad OS 13 Mail Issue

I have two email accounts - iCloud and Gmail.

Neither account is updating / syncing properly on my iOS devices - an iPhone XR and iPad Pro. Both are running 13.1.

If I read and move a message on one device (or on my Mac), it doesn’t show as read or moved on my iOS / iPadOS devices.

I’ve experienced this previously, but it’s pretty bad right now.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

Thanks much.

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Yeeeeep. Even on 13.1, Mail seems buggy.


is this happening with both accounts? gmail as i’m sure you know has a proprietary non-standard imap implementation (with tags instead of folders) that’s prone to these issues in my experience…

Yep. Both accounts. But not all the time. Intermittently.

Sync is sloppy and for my girlfriend there is still “no sender” bug…

13.1.1 just dropped. Maybe this issue will be resolved…

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Been seeing similar issues with an IMAP account on both iPhone and iPad even after updating to 13.1.2

Have tried the following, which seems to have got things working again, at least for now.

  • Delete the IMAP account from the device
  • Turn the device off and on
  • Re-add the account

Both devices seem to be in synch with the IMAP server now,

Hopefully they’ll stay that way at least until the next “bug fix” update (about a couple of days then !):ant::ant::ant::ant::ant::ant:

I am having the same issue, and it is driving me crazy!

IPad Pro 10.5” iPadOS 13.1.2, and iPhone 11 Pro, iOS 13.1.2, and it seems to have started with the move to 13. Of course that’s all the iPhone has ever had, but the 7+ that I moved to iOS 13 just before getting the Pro seems to have been flaky after moving to 13.

It defeats one of the purposes of IMAP, having to delete/file the same emails on different devices!

This happened for me also when I updated to 13.2. Signing out of iCloud (essentially removing the mail accounts from the device) and then signing in again and adding them gain fixed it for me. IPad was the core of the issue for me. Every other device worked, it’s just changes were not reflected on the iPad, and changes made on the iPad did not reflect elsewhere. All good now.