iOS/iPadOS 13 - any way to disable phone number data detector in calendar note field

Is there a way to tell iOS/iPadOS to not recognize a sequence of digits as a phone number on a case-by-case basis?

For work, I add a calendar event for my customer visits. I include the ticket tracking system number (an 8-digit number) in the calendar Notes field. The section of the Notes field looks like:

Task: 12345678

The problem is that the OS is recognizing this as a phone number. While there is a long press option to just copy the number, it isn’t as efficient as if the OS just thought it was a normal number instead of a phone number.

Also, Apple Calendar shows this number in a phone number field which is in the middle of the event details view and pushes the important info farther down the page.

This appears to be an OS-specific thing since all of the calendar apps I have tried (Apple Calendar, Fantastical V2 and V3, BusyCal) exhibit the same behavior.

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