iOS/iPadOS 15.0.2 available

This update includes bug fixes:

  • Photos saved to your library from Messages could be deleted after removing the associated thread or message
  • iPhone Leather Wallet with MagSafe may not connect to Find My
  • AirTag might not appear in the Find My Items tab
  • CarPlay may fail to open audio apps or disconnect during playback
  • Device restore or update may fail when using Finder or iTunes for iPhone 13 models

Security patch
Impact: An application may be able to execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges. Apple is aware of a report that this issue may have been actively exploited.


Waiting to hear more about whether the Shortcuts bugs have been sorted out… soon as I hear good news on that front, I’ll be hitting that upgrade…

That’s going to be a while, in the current beta it’s still a mess

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Sad news. I’ve read a few people expressing empathy for the team that’s responsible, and I support those sentiments, but if Shortcuts in iOS15 is thus far as broken as I’ve heard it is, that’s a real dealbreaker for me. Of course, it’s hard to get a true sense without actually going beta myself, but I don’t have time, energy or non-mission critical hardware enough to risk the integrity of my set-up right now…

Hope the major issues are resolved sooner rather than later.

I doubt 15.0.2 is that upgrade. I’m not sure 15.1 is, either.

Just got a wallet today. I am on 15.02, and it my phone will still not find it. Anyone else? Phone reboot didn’t work.

Check if the wallet you got has the Find My feature. Only the new version of Magsafe wallet has it. It will only check the last location and emit a sound on your iPhone when it gets detached.

I did thanks, and Apple support confirmed it. I am chatting with them now.

For some reason it was not associated with my Apple ID, so I transferred it. The support page says it must be linked to my Apple ID, but I am not sure it is. I think that is the problem.

Edit: 30 minutes on the phone with them, they are raising it to their engineers and will call me back Sunday. I figured they would have just sent me a new wallet.

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