iOS / iPadOS + HDMI / USB dongle + USB presentation remote/clicker

I’ve noticed that presenting while using an iPad + HDMI / USB dongle with a USB remote (picture below) yields mixed results. [see comments in this video and this thread].

Is there any update on which HDMI / USB dongles work … or if iPadOS has remedied this?

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I use the Logitech Spotlight and I have recently done at least a dozen presentations using the iPad with no issues at all. It was plugged into the official Apple HDMI adaptor.

I have a Satechi bluetooth remote that works well, it’s the one with the square buttons.

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Same. I also use this Anker adapter or the official Apple HDMI adaptor.

I needed to buy my 1st remote clicker and found this one that is made for USB C.

They did put a USB A cable for charging in the box dough, but that’s a small detail…

Thank you for all the helpful replies!

Glad to hear traditional presentation remotes are viable when the shorter range of a Bluetooth remote isn’t enough.

Thanks again!