iOS/iPadOS14: What are you looking forward to?

I saw a rumor that iOS/iPadOS would accept handwriting recognition with the Pencil everywhere. It would be built into the OS. I’d love that — it’d tempt me to really give the Pencil a workout. I rarely use the Pencil now.

I’d love it if a clipboard manager like Copied or Paste could live in the background, as it does with MacOS. I’ve overwritten the keyboard too many times.

How about you? Any rumored features for iOS/iPadOS got you excited? Anything on your wishlist?


I’d like more customization for the home screen and live, actionable widgets.


First, I’d like stability and bug fixes.
Then I’d like the ability to change the default apps (please let me default to Airmail and Bear).
Third I would like third party keyboards to work with physical keyboards – in order to have system-wide TextExpander.
If I got that already, I’d be delighted…


Rich screen controls with the keyboard. Hopefully Apple puts some magic in like they did with the cursor support.

External screen support. Would take some magic like the inspector on the iPad while the document is on the external screen in Pages for example.


+1 for an upgrade on external screen support. Would love the ability run shortcuts from the keyboard (Textexpander Shortcuts mash-up?) and am I the only person who misses the loupe/magnification effect when selecting text with the onscreen keyboard? I’d be interested in the option of having widgets spread across an entire screen if they’re not pinned to my homescreen as a sidebar…

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Would like the return of the magnifier as well. They said during last WWDC they had nailed the text selection UI, but it seems I can’t get it.


Stability and bug fixes, if they do nothing more then I’ll be happy with that. But if I had to choose a new feature, I’d make it easy and ask that three finger trackpad gestures be configurable to at least include drag/select. When I’m on my iPad (with the Magic Keyboard), I really miss not being able to three finger drag to select text as I can when on my Mac.


Boy do I agree with that!


Stability and bug fixes? Where are y’all seeing problems? Seems solid to me and I use iOS/iPadOS quite a bit.

Native clipboard history would be amazing. Doubly if synced to all devices (I think…)

Native nagging notification API (as opposed to apps sending identical notifications multiple times) with user permission to nag.

Mute status in the active call badge in the upper left.

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Share Menu

Please create a sane management system for share menus. Yes I have too many apps which means my options in the share menu appear to infinitely span the horizontal and vertical spaces. I feel like tabs are always the easiest UI method. Let me create 3 or so tabs, name them what I wish and order the in the manner I please. This will cut down on the need to scroll or the constant triaging that needs to happen “should I put Things before Drafts? What if I do that then adding to my Reading List may pop off the UI view” I shouldn’t have to think about such things it’s a focus/productivity quagmire

Reverse iCloud Photos

I shouldn’t need a 256GB phone when I have 1TB of iCloud Storage for a relatively low amount. What some of us need is a reverse mode which pushes anything that isn’t Starred to iCloud and keeps a small thumbnail image for reference. This would mean I’d no longer have to walk around with 6GB of photos when I typically access just my favorites. I fully get the business imperative of selling higher ASP devices but too much of this ends up feeling like the tail wagging the dog. We are no longer just selling transactional hardware/software we are tying ecosystems together with services, hardware and software all intertwined. Evolve


Fix it. Not that email is broken it’s just bland beyond measure. Create hooks into iOS/Mac email that leverages Shortcuts and let your developers do the rest. All Apple needs to do is make it fast and extensible. Communication tools are still important.

Preview App

It’s about time Apple. Where is it on iOS?

Mission Control

If you have a few Airplay 2 compatible speakers accessing them is relatively straight forward but honestly my 6 year old could design this UI. It takes up way too much space. I need to know what type of device it is (Apple TV, speaker etc) with a simple recognizable glyph and then the focus should be on letting me create logical groups of devices. I think many homes tend to settle into repeatable patterns of speakers and other devices. HomeKit and other UI tools for automation essentially vomit up a bunch of tiles in a cluttered screens. Yes HomeKit scenes are fairly easy to create but the UI doesn’t promote scenes it promotes individual control. It should be reversed the UI should be the svelte lines of the sports car, hiding the complexity of the V-10 engine.

Last but not least


Fix it or I’ll take my Bug-A-Salt out


Yes, the sharesheet is a trainwreck. I’d be happy to go back to the old sharesheet before it was updated in iOS13? iOS12? The update took an acceptable, but non-ideal situation, and made it awful.


Apple Music
In addition to opening up Apple Music to playback beyond Sonos, Amazon and Altice I’d like to see more powerful ways of integrating Apple Music into 3rd party apps like Djay, Roon, Savant etc.

Oh yes and integrate Shazam right into Apple Music and make it easy to take Shazamed songs and put them into new or existing playlists.

I may be misunderstanding but Shazam creates an Apple Music playlist (may need to set it to do that) and then you can add tracks in that playlist to other playlists like you normally would.

If only there was a destination search feature in the share-sheet it would help a lot. When you have dozens of apps and shortcuts options, it gets quite cumbersome to scroll to the desired one.

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It’s a setting in Shazam; I don’t remember ever having to turn it on.

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What part of it are you missing? We have Markup and Photos…

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My priorities:

  1. Keep improving the Files app. Let me choose to keep some (or all) files always downloaded. Let me pick default applications to open file types. Make it easier for me to provide apps access to all files.

  2. Make external monitor support good. We have good trackpad and keyboard support. I want to dock my iPad at a nice big monitor and be able to use all that big screen without letterboxing.

  3. Make keyboard control even better. Allow me to manipulate multitasking and windows via the keyboard.

If we get those three things, I’ll be pretty happy. Beyond that is gravy to me. (But universal keyboard shortcuts, textexpander support, multilayered clipboard, etc. would all be great.)


Yes I use that feature when I don’t have the time to add to my playlist right after Shazam ID the song. It’s handy to have a playlist of the entire history of my Shazams.

I’m thinking more along the lines of just making it that much easier. I tend to keep my Playlist names generic like “Alternative Heavy Rotation” “Rock Classics” etc. I’d love for Apple to AI science Apple Music up so that after an ID it presents the most likely 5 playlists that the song would go into allowing me to add with the song with a single tap. I’d still like them to keep the auto playlist feature thought because it’s handy.

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YES, please! This is long overdue.