iOS / Mac Safari Bookmarks not syncing

Hi all, I have iCloud signed in on both machines, Safari sync turned on on both ends. Yet my bookmarks from my Mac won’t sync to my iPhone. I’ve just spend a tonne of time also on the Mac getting them just how I want them.

Any troubleshooting beyond the basic settings being checked? I’m quite afraid that one will totally wipe out the other. I can afford to have the iPhone end replaced with the Mac, but iCloud is a mystery with how it tends to do these things to me.

First, open Safari and click File/Export/Bookmarks then put the “Safari Bookmarks.html” file in a safe place. Then turn off Safari in System Settings / iCloud and do the same in Settings/iCloud on your iPhone and any other iCloud devices you may have.

Then turn them back on starting with your Mac.

It’s apparently a mystery to Apple too.

Import bookmarks, history, and passwords in Safari on Mac - Apple Support


Thank you!!! I just got the time to follow this. Now both devices are playing ball!!! :slight_smile:


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