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Hi all. I’m running iOS 16 on my iPhone and iPad OS 15 on my iPad. In the stock Mail app I can’t figure out how to add an inline link. I’ve gotten in the habit of creating draft emails on my iPad and going back to the Mac so I can format them properly. Am I missing something?

Note, when I say inline I mean like this instead of like this: Mac Power Users - Relay FM

While we are on the subject, is there any way to highlight text in emails generated from the iPad? These seem simple, but are really lacking IMO.

Maybe I’m not really understanding your specific issue but you can simply highlight text and do Cmd-k or Edit->Add link (or right click->link) to add a link.

On the iPad I don’t think there’s a way to add highlight to a text in an email message.

EDIT: I think I understand now. You want to add a link in iOS mail. I don’t think that’s possible but I’d love to stand corrected.

The app itself does not do it, but if you want to give Drafts app a try it works. You just write the first line of note as your subject, then the rest is your message. You run this action and it opens in mail with links and all the formatting you want. You kind of have to know how to write in Markdown though. Drafts does help with that. (pretty sure free version works for this action.)

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Thanks. I’ve used Drafts for this purpose before. I’m a pro subscriber of Drafts. It technically works, but I’m searching for a way to do this within the Mail app.

Sadly I have bad news then…… :slight_smile:

Yes. iOS Mail. Cmd-k does not work on the iPad with an external keyboard. Cmd-k actually seems to do nothing on iOS. I’m using the Apple Magic Keyboard. Right clicking doesn’t give me the option either

Yeah. I hear you. I’m quite stunned this long into the iPad we can’t do this natively within the Mail app. It’s something I need to do every day.

You can do it, but I don’t know how to film a screen video on my iPad so prepare for some probably not very clear instructions. It’s much easier than I’m about to make it sound.

  • Write your sentence as usual but not the key words you want to hyperlink
  • Paste the link where you want the hyperlink to appear, do not hit space
  • Click into the URL and write the key words you want
  • Delete the rest of the URL
  • Your text should remain hyperlinked but you now have just the key words you wanted.

This works because iOS Mail creates the hyperlink automatically when you paste a link, all you’re doing is editing the “visible” part of the link. To a degree you’re just doing the steps backwards - adding the link then changing the key words, rather than writing the words and adding the link). It’s fairly quick once you remember to do it - possibly quicker than clicking on unlinked text to create a hyperlink!

Here is a rubbish screen grab that shows it in action. In the first sentence I’ve written my message and pasted the URL without any editing. In the second sentence I’ve edited the hyperlink so it fits in my sentence. Clicking on either link works as you’d expect.

Edited to add: That example was not a sub-message to you, I just always use Google’s URL for testing! After posting I’ve realised it sounds like I was telling you to go Google it, which was not my intention!!


That’s clever. Here’s a screen recording – note, I haven’t tried sending to make sure the link still works, but it should:


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Whoa that is very cool! Thank you @Pupsino and @tf2 for the video. I am excited to play with this. Until Apple makes it earlier I’m thrilled to have a work around.