IOS Numbers versa Airtable

That is a no brainer, Airtable all the way! But it WAS the best lead-in that I could think of.

My situation:
My little hobby business has become a full grow kid now, and I need a better way to track things like names, addresses, numbers, positions, product purchased, payments, LOTS of notes, etc. I can hands down, with my eyes closed, do this in Airtable, BUT, does anyone see a way of doing this in IOS Numbers, and with maybe a twist of Shortcuts thrown in for saving some time here and there? I have never used IOS Numbers past the VERY SIMPLE spreadsheet. I am trying to be reasonable here, thinking that if I can use the products that I all ready have, then there would be no reason to pay the fees for Airtable. The fee is not a problem, it’s why have two hammers when ya only need one?!

Using Microsoft Office ain’t gonna happen, and neither is Google Sheets. Not on my watch. And I don’t want ANOTHER app to keep up with.

Any suggestions?

I’ve spent almost three decades using Excel. Numbers is clean and powerful but I could never get comfortable with its differences. That said Apple has a great support portal featuring separate comprehensive user guides for Numbers for iPhone, iPad and iCloud. And aside from the built-in forms there are also forms that users have shared.

It your data is more database-oriented and you know it well then AirTable seems to be the best option. By the way, Gareth Pronovost has some excellent YouTube videos on using AirTable for business.


Thanks bowline!

I have never been a “spreadsheet person”. I am weighing my options on which would be a better foundation to build off of. I find it funny, (laughing at myself), that I cringe at paying for Microsoft Office, but have no problem paying for Airtable, and as you pointed out, if a person needs a database to work from, Airtable is the king right now. You can make it sing, dance, AND cook supper, all at the same time. I was hoping that what I had, (Numbers and Shortcuts), would work, but I am not someone who gets stuck on tradition. I sure don’t mind changing to the best tool for the job!

And you are correct, Gareth puts out some fantastic videos!