iOS only questions

I’m iOS only and I do not plan to invest in a laptop anytime soon. So I have a few questions about which software to use with my low internet connection speed (I live in a very rural area). I have tried to use for my gmail accounts. I currently have one for personal and two for work. I have decided to switch because it gives me fits with low internet speed. I am looking at Gmail and Outlook, suggest anymore apps to use please. (I have tried Spark, but wasn’t entirely impressed)

I currently store personal documents In iCloud and my work stuff stays in google drive. Is google drive safe enough to use to store my personal documents in?
If I move everything to google drive but my pics I could consolidate my app usage.

I also use iOS calendar and use the 2Do app for my tasks

Basically I’m trying to revamp personal and work to be more streamlined and not spread out over multiple apps all the while keeping everything as secure as possible.

Any suggestions are very welcome! Thanks!

Short answer: yes. I’d implement two-factor-auth to be extra safe.

Ok is that a straight forward process? I have never used it before.

I have done some searching on here the last day or so to find my answer to no avail. I saw someone mention google s3 as a good protection service. Do you have any experience with that?

S3 is an Amazon data bucket service, has nothing to do with Google.

Setting up 2FA is easy.

Thank you very much!

While away from home (not at present, of course), I often end up having only 3g data service on phone … never have any noticable issues with the built-in Mail app even with about 7 accounts, including one on Google. Wondering what your issue is?

It said my outbox wouldn’t send through smtp