IOS - Phone Call remembering last connection type!

I have an annoying issue with IOS and I’m not sure if this is my phone , IOS or Bluetooth in my call.

When I’m driving in my car, when a new call comes in, eventhough I was already on a bluetooth call, it seems like IOS connects via my handset instead of bluetooth.

Does IOS remember the last known connection type for each contact and then use that? Or maybe this is issue with my Bluetooth in my car?

It is annoying and potentially dangerous.


Check to see if Settings - General - Accessibility - Call Audio Routing is set to Bluetooth

Pushes up glasses, turns on full nerd voice, well technically the research shows that hands free makes a negligible difference the act of holding the phone is not the dangerous thing, it’s the lack of context awareness of the person on the other end.

That said I would agree with joe, check the setting.


WOW- That fixed it. Never knew that setting was there!