iOS randomly chooses default Markdown App opened from Files App? Why?

So currently, if I pull up a plain markdown document in the Files App and open it, my iPad opens it in Bear. How did Bear become my default editor for markdown in iPad OS. I would prefer to edit markdown in either iA Writer or Drafts. Interestingly if I delete Bear (which I did on another device), the markdown document opens in Ulysses. I would prefer not to use an app that has a library interface (I don’t use Drafts for note storage, so not worried about clutter there).

How does iOS/iPad OS determine the default app?

What about if you delete and reinstall iA Writer?
Maybe the last app installed or updated has priority.

That’s a good idea. I’ll let you know how it turns out. I had always heard of the discussion about modifying default apps. But I hadn’t thought about markdown. Particularly since I just imagine they would open in notes app or something.

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Wow… This is weird. Ok.

So I deleted iA Writer, but I forgot when I went to re-download it, what my purpose was and so I downloaded another markdown editor to try - because I can’t help myself. Then I went to open a markdown document and it opened it in the *new markdown editor (Wordsmith). I thought I had discovered the mechanism - iOS using the most recent app to open markdown.

Nope. I was wrong. I deleted Wordsmith then reopened another markdown file, it opened in Bear. I thought it might revert to the “second” to last editor I recently installed (iA Writer). Nope. It opened in Bear again. So I deleted iA Writer again, in hopes of re-downloading and it would open into that app. But no, this time it opened in Ulysses. There is no rhyme or reason here. Driving me nuts.

How can plain text be treated so randomly?