iOS Scanner App: multiple dropbox accounts & named destinations

I already have two great scanning apps, Scanbot and Scanner Pro which I use for work and personal scans respectively but I have two issues with this setup…

  1. It would be nice to use one app for both personal and work use but both apps lack the ability to connect multiple Dropbox accounts

  2. Scanbot doesn’t let you name/rename the cloud destinations which causes confusion when you have two folders with the same name (eg. 2017 > “receipts” and 2018 > “receipts”)

So my question is… does anyone know of a scanner app for iOS that allows you to connect multiple Dropbox accounts AND lets you rename the destination?

OR at the very least, is there a good scanner app (aside from Scanner Pro) that allows you to rename the destination folder / workflow?

Update: I ended up sharing folders from my business Dropbox account to my Personal account and using Scanner Pro exclusively because of it’s named workflows.