iOS shortcut to simply open a folder

As simple as this sounds I can’t figure it out. I need to create a shortcut that will simply open a folder when run… manually I find it in Files then navigate several layers down to get to the target folder.

Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.

Would saving it to favorites work for you? Here is an example from my iPad.

The way I solve this is a definitely a bit odd but works very quickly if you’re using an attached keyboard;

Set text to the name of the folder you want to open; Eg Folder 1
copy this text to clipboard
open Files app

When the files app opens the cursor is ready in the search bar so you just paste and it brings up the folder. I tend to use it to chose between a list of options (one for each of my gtd project support folders for example)

I’m probably not understanding but all I do is start typing the folder name in the search bar and it comes right up.

You’re exactly right. The main advantages for me are that I can pre-populate the text so I don’t have to remember what to type (I also use tokens in file names like tags and so can do a sort of ‘smart search’), or include the action as part of another shortcut so its a bit smoother.

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Here’s a Shortcuts shortcut I’m using to open my iCloud-synced Desktop folder. I forget where I got it. I have ones for Documents and a few others, too.



This is much more elegant and saves a step for direct access, many thanks!

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I think you got it from Federico at Macstories

@PeterG5326 to do this you will need to have Scriptable installed.

instructions are here:

the FS bookmarks shortcut lets you add shortcuts to any folder/file

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This is exactly what I was hoping for, thank you for the idea! How did you get the URL of the Desktop folder? I want to do the same thing but for another folder.

see my reply, the shortcut / bookmark can be created in Scriptable, and put into a shortcut by the FS Bookmarks shortcut created by Federico from Macstories

Peter, check out the FS Bookmarks story at MacStories, that J Koopmans linked to above. That is in fact where I got it, now that I see it. That spells everything out.

As I had the same problem I created Folder Shortcuts @ Homescreen for iOS. Maybe this one helps you as well.