IOS software to create Diagrams using apple pencil

I often have to to draw networks and diagrams with service federations consisting mainly on elements like circles and connections on the iPad. Therefore I actually need mainly lines arrows and standard shapes like circles and rectangles that I can label to show dependencies and create the network diagrams. I then use the resulting graphs in PowerPoint. You have these shapes also in PowerPoint but I need a fast way to create these Networks at as it is a creative process I need the ability to quickly rearrange the items without loosening e.g. the connections between them So far I create the networks in Grafio 4 using my Apple pencils and the auto shape function of Grafio. The Grafio Viewer Software on the Mac seems to be broken so.Does anyone know other programs that are suitable here.

I played with simple drawings in GoodNotes or tried the incredibly powerful Concepts, but lately I use Excalidraw for this kind of thing. It has standard shapes, and can treat lines and arrows as connections between shapes that adjust as you move the shapes around the canvas. And I like that drawings look less like finished computer graphics and more like readable sketches thanks to the choice of font and line messiness that you can dial in. I’m currently using it via its Obsidian plugin, but there are other formats. The developer is amazing. Many tutorials/examples on youtube…

I use Omnigraffle for drawing diagrams on my iPad. It works very well for me and it seems well regarded by others.


I wasn’t quite sure what the problem you are describing is (sorry I am being a little stupid here), are you saying that you can’t view the diagramme on a mac or that you can’t alter them on a Mac?.

I have used the following in past. Both can export to PDF and SVG
Lekh Diagram

Flowdia Diagrams

I was always a bit disappointed with Ten Touch that they didn’t make more of Vidra their “explainer” video app. Connecting Grafio with that would have been killer.

I have also been using Lucid Chart quite a lot recently. They have a free version which maybe enough and prices start at around £8 per month. They do have an ipad app which is not bad