iOS twitter client with newest tweets on the bottom, or show x latest tweets


I’m looking for a twitter client where the newest tweets are at the bottom. (in Tweetbot as far as I can tell the newest tweets are always at the top)

and or

I’m looking for a a twitter client, where if you open it up and it has 372 unread tweets, it is easy to scroll so you can just read the most recent 50 or 100 tweets.

thanks in advance !

You can’t get there from here, not with the Twitter API and remaining iOS Twitter apps. The way you want to read Twitter isn’t the way Twitter wants you to read Twitter: a reverse-chronological endless river of tweets.

You can easily pop to the top of any page (getting to the latest tweet) then scroll down to look at the last 50/100.

I own Tweetbot and Twitteriffic but mainly use Tweetbot - I like the UI and I like some of the features like timeline filters, which they’ve had since 2016.