IOS12 and the „no cellular network“ issue (Beta 2)

I experience a „no cellular network“ issue with both of my devices (IPad Pro 10.5 / iPhoneX) on IOS12b2. If the cellular network ist not showing up, the issue seems to be the missing -enter sim code- dialog. You are simply not asked to enter your 4 digit code.

The remedy, which helps for me is, remove the SIM card and insert it again, then the the dialog apears. Enter the code and go to -Settings-. Now you see the settings area for the mobile network again. I deactivated the code for the time being.
Hope this helps.


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I had this the other day. I resolved it by going into settings and sim pin, of course to change my pin it wanted me to unlock the sim which fixed the problem.

As long as the menu in settings is visible, that’s ok. On my iPad, this complete SIM setting has vanished and did only apear, after the SIM in/out was done.

I experienced the same issue today as well. Thanks for the solution :slight_smile: