Ios12 beta and Shortcuts

Does anyone know if I create a shortcut to a Workflow which requires a PDF from the web browser as input whether there is a way to pass the PDF to the Workflow using the Siri Shortcut. When I do it the Workflow runs but sees no input. If I use the Workflow share extension it all works fine.

There is a workaround which is to count the number of items, and if it equals zero to make the user choose a file.

So then I would need to save the PDF file from Safari first? Much faster then just to use the share sheet and run the Workflow that way then? Do you know if one will be able to pass an input using Siri Shortcuts once it’s out of beta?

Siri shortcuts the app isn’t in beta yet. I believe the current Siri shortcuts are just a “do something” type of automation, rather than a “get x and do something with it” where x can change.

I think it is even less. It is built around NSUserActivity, which is more like “open this view and fill out these fields”.

Thanks for the responses.

Siri Shortcuts won’t be an enhancement to Workflow, at least not for automation. For complex input-output type of workflows we will still use URL-schemes for another year. But at least Apple will not kill the old and working workflows.