iOS12 Workflows App?

Hi, can anyone confirm if the workflows app will exist in iOS12 or if it’s being morphed into this new Siri app thing?

The new Siri Shortcuts app looks like it will be the replacement for Workflow in iOS 12 so I suspect that Apple will remove the Workflow app from the App Store once iOS 12 is released.

I wouldn’t expect there to be any bug fixes or updates to the Workflow app going forward.

As far as I’ve been able to find is that the shortcuts app is going to replace the workflows app. All existing functionality and workflows will still be there, and you can continue to use and create the workflows you’re used to now.

I think the new version is going to be “workflow on steroids” as it has all the old options plus siri integration into the OS. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

Prediction for 2019: Siri Shortcuts moves to the mac, as quick actions (replacing automator) … that would really be great!


Siri Shortcuts moves to the mac, as quick actions (replacing automator) … that would really be great!

Not so sure about that! :slight_smile: If I understand it correctly, Siri Shortcuts needs Siri?!

And Siri means:

  1. Internet access.
  2. Somebody talking to it.

Automator means: always there, no talking necessary, scripted processes.

Or do I miss something? :slight_smile: If not, I hope that Automator will stay with us…

No. Apple just decided to call all there machine learning/ AI features ‘Siri’, just like Google calls all their AI stuff in eg Google Photos ‘Assistant’.
The Workflow/ Shortcuts app will work just as the old one, with the enhancements that you can

  • add ‘Siri Shortcuts’ defined by other apps to it
  • trigger workflows with your voice (the actual Siri stuff)
  • use more Apple apps, like HomeKit

Siri Shortcuts is nowhere near Automator. It does not support passing inputs and outputs to the new ‘Siri Shortcuts’, so there is still a lot of work to do until it can replace Automator, or even URL schemes on iOS.

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You can currently launch Automator workflows by using Dictation on the Mac. Offline and no internet access required.

I meant the full shortcuts app, with all the bells and whistles. So including automator integration, url schemes and siri integration