iOS13 and AirPods connection

Since upgrading to iOS 13 the connection with my AirPods is inconsistent. Has anyone else experienced this difficulty?

I did in the beginning, I reconnected twice, and it has been solid since.

Thanks, I’ll try again later today.

When I was on the beta, they seemed to be connecting faster for me.

I’ve been having lots of issues with glitchy sound since I’ve paired with my new iPhone 11 pro. I was using the beta 13 on my previous phone (Xs) without any issues but now I am having lots of static sound when using with my phone.

Sometimes it helps to put them back in case and take back out, but other times nothing works so I switch to listening to podcasts with my iPad. I am using 13.1 beta still, maybe I’ll switch off beta to see if it fixes. Curious is anyone else has the static issue. Almost seems like an interference of some sort.