iOS13 Reminders simple query

Hi all

I’ve been playing with the new Reminders in iOS13, having used Things 3 for the last year or two.

When I complete a task I would very much like it to disappear, ideally forever.

Instead, it would appear that to make this happen I need to:

Go top right to the 3 dots
Hit Show Completed
Hit Hide Completed

This will now show my upto date list.

I’m finding it a simple problem, but an annoying one.

Is there a workaround somewhere that I’ve missed?

I’m still on iOS 12 but use reminders quite a bit.

Completed tasks don’t always hide themselves immediately, I sometimes toggle the show/hide option as you describe though usually it clicks in and sorts itself out after a bit of time / next time you go into the app.

Sounds like it’s fairly consistent between versions. To be fair, in some instances I don’t mind the delay (gives me chance to see & undo something my fat finger jabbed by accident), in others an immediate refresh would be good. Perhaps if they could add a refresh button that would be the happy middle ground. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks Stu.

Sure, I don’t think there’s been a sea change between 12 and 13, only that I’ve reverted to using Reminders for all the other new features!

But it’s a missed opportunity, for me at least. To walk through a supermarket, ticking stuff off, that won’t still be visible and taking up screen estate, would be a big plus.

Back to Things, I guess.

in 12 the show/hide is fixed at the bottom of the screen so a double tap there sorts it, I’m guessing this is something that’s changed.

In 12, (maybe still there in 13???), rather than pressing an item to complete it, just swiping the item to the left will delete it completely, never to be seen again. As you start swiping the item left it comes up with “more” and delete but carrying on & completing the swipe over to the left edge of the screen just actions the delete option. Maybe should have mentioned this first but I forgot it does this as I usually complete items on the phone then review & delete in bulk from the laptop later.

Thanks Stu, yes, looks like that’s the only way. Not too onerous is it, but was just hoping for a one handed thing like Things.

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it’s not hugely easy, I just had a play with my XR, I found it a lot easier by swiping down at the bottom to engage ‘reachability’ mode (option needs to be turned on in accessibility settings if you’re not familiar with it), then swiped across with my thumb & that worked ok.
Usable if not elegant.