IOS14 printing issues

When I try printing via WiFi (over AirPrint) from my iPhone and iPad, both devices see the printer and try printing, but nothing comes out of the printer. No error messages are shown. It’s like the print job is going into the bitbucket. This is intermittent though, there are times when I can print from both devices without any issues.

I had the same issue with ios13.

I Keep the printer and IOS devices up to date with firmware/aiOS updates.

Is there a way to file a bug report with Apple?

My printer also supports the Google print protocol but I don’t think this is supported from iOS.

When I use my Mac to print to the same printer via WiFi, I don’t have any issues.

Are others having Airprint issues?

Any chance that the printer has gone to sleep and the iOS devices aren’t waking it up?

It’s definitely working fine. I print from iOS almost daily and AirPlay works perfectly for me (with a Xerox laser printer).

Has the printer got the latest firmware? That could fix issues with the latest iOS. I think it was with High Sierra when I had to update the firmware or else it wouldn’t play well with iOS devices.

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I would call the company that made the printer and they’ll walk you right through it.

I have two ways I can print. One says “Print”. The other says “Print HP”. Just now I checked. The “Print” option is usually there but just now it didn’t show up under “share". (I have an iPad.) That option always works.

However, it wasn’t showing up in Pages so I found the HP app which says “Print HP”. Hasn’t worked in a while.

I just now opened that and all it wanted me to do was register. (These companies just love having our phone numbers!) Anyway now I can print from either option thanks to you! ;o)

The printer is usually asleep. How I usually power cycle the printer when I have the problem printing from the iPhone/iPad. It hasn’t fixed the problem though

Walk me through what?

“ When I use my Mac to print to the same printer via WiFi, I don’t have any issues.”

Even though it works with your printer that doesn’t mean they didn’t break something in AirPrint.

“ I had the same issue with ios13.

I Keep the printer and IOS devices up to date with firmware/iOS updates”

A subsequent post of mine from Apple’s support forum shows a lot of AirPrint issues exist, even though those symptoms are different that what I’m seeing.

It looks like there are plenty of printing issues with iOS14, although slightly different than mine…

What does the Mac OS have to do with printing with iOS devices?

I can print from the Mac just fine, but not (always) from iOS/iPadOS

I mean my printer did the same as yours when High Sierra came out (plus the version of iOS at the time wouldn’t print).

An update to my printers firmware was released that was specifically to fix issues with Airplay. It wasn’t that Airplay was broken, instead the printer’s implementation needed fixing.

Quick update- when I put my phone on the same wifi network as the printer, it prints just fine. That is odd, this sounds like a router issue. I shouldn’t have to do this, the router should handle the forwarding automatically.

My Macmini and MacBook are on the same Wifi network as my phone and iPad (which is different than the printer) and have no trouble printing.