iOS14 Your passcode is required to enable FaceID


On iOS14 I keep getting the message that my passcode is required to enable FaceID. If I lock my phone and then go to unlock it with FaceID, there’s a 50:50 change it’ll ask for my passcode.

This never happened on iOS13 - anyone else having this experience?

I’ve seen it with my watch and phone off and on during the last beta’s.
For now nothing I could do but report through the feedback app and hope they fix it.

This happens regularly with me on iOS13, apparently because the screen gets tapped awake a few times in my pocket before I pull it out to unlock. It’s related to the system’s passcode requirement when Face ID fails to recognize your face 5 times in a row.

This has been an issue for me for years on my iPhone 6. I’d wake up to it saying need to enter my password to enable Touch ID. Haven’t noticed it with any real regularity on my 11 Pro until I did the beta.

Should probably file a report in the feedback app.

It is in beta. File a report and let them know. Beats aren’t always stable.

Same thing happened to me when I updated to the latest dev beta. I ended up resetting FaceID. It looks like it’s back to normal (knocking on wood).