iOS16 Bugs and Stability

How is iOS16 Stability? I usually leave the software version update for few weeks or months, sometimes till X.1 or X.2 however with iOS16 there seems to a lack of discussion here and elsewhere on the remaining bugs and stability with the current release.

I haven’t really noticed any real bugs, most everything seems to work fine. It’s been stable, with no crashes or forced restarts to fix things.

Siri/Airplay/Home are the exceptions for me, but they weren’t always great in 15, so not really much change. And those things are just flaky and might be partially the HomePods’ fault.

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I don’t do anything esoteric on my phone, the usuals work. Most importantly, ErgData, the app for my rowing machine, works fine.

Mostly stable, the one intermittent bug I have on my iPhone is that sometimes the search doesn’t work. I’ve gotten used to just searching for apps that are not on my first home screen. But now sometimes when I tap on the search button, the screen goes blank and there is no place to search. Has anyone else come across this bug?

+1 on what @Leeabe51 said.

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