IOT Monitoring Air Quality

Does anyone know of any devices that can monitor air quality and store stats? I know the Canary All-In-One does it but I’m curious if there are any other alternatives!

you can check the netatmo

works pretty well.
i had bad experience both with sonof and xiaomi ones.

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Also eve Room (2018) is now available, ask me in some weeks. :wink: I ordered one.

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Awesome! Please update me! I’ll wait for your review!

I ordered the Eve Room as well…it’s due to arrive October 1. I’m curious to put it through its paces. And with all of the air pollution we had in Vancouver over the summer due to to forest fires I’ve taken a keen interest in air quality inside and out.

On a side note, the AirVisual for iOS is a slick (and free) app for monitoring air quality around the world.


@tydurkin - don’t wonder because no update from me - the delivery got delayed. :frowning: To mid October for me.

My delivery date was October 1, but now Amazon Canada is saying that it will be delivered by Friday (September 21).

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Update: My Eve Room arrived earlier today (way ahead of schedule…the delivery date was originally October 1).

It only took about a minute to setup (including downloading the free Eve app)…and it’s pretty cool to be able to ask Siri what the temperature and humidity are in my living room.

It looks like it will take a little while for the air quality setting to calibrate. There’s some key text cut off in the Eve app. I emailed Elgato to let them know about this issue and to ask for clarification about the calibration.


It’s not clear if I can use this device as a trigger (e.g. turn the lights in the living room red if the air quality falls to two stars). I’m looking forward to experimenting further.

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Please can you say me which iPhone do you use exactly timstringer?

I’m currently using an iPhone 7 Plus. I’m upgrading to an iPhone Xs Max on Friday.

@timstringer first, there is only “minutes.” missing at the text and second - see the picture for the available triggers (in the eve app). You can create the triggers/rules in the eve app, they then are shown in the HomeKit-app. Just got my sensor today, so the only rule is “Air Quality is *** or less -> turn on the light.”

IMG_8493 IMG_8495

Thanks, @Hoppel.

I contacted Elgato Support about this and they suggested placing it in “clear air” (on the balcony in my case) for a few hours.

They also pointed me to the following support article that talks about automation. It was helpful, but is over two years old and could use some screenshots.

I’m happy with the Eve Room overall, but the app and docs could definitely use some work.

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Check your eve app, there is an firmware-update for eve room. No specific thing, just “general improvements”

Thanks for the heads up! I just installed the firmware update.