IP addresss updater client for OpenDNS

I have used OpenDNS for years as my DNS server. It works well, and I assume that this arrangement provides a bit of privacy compared to using my local internet service provider’s DNS server.

A couple of years ago I noticed that my OpenDNS web content filtering settings were inactive. This may have been because my IP address (dynamically assigned by my local internet service provider) has not been updated in my OpenDNS account. Apparently the IP address updater client for OpenDNS stopped working 2 or 3 years ago, when 32-bit apps were not allowed by macOS. OpenDNS now has a new 64-bit IP address updated client for macOS. When I attempted to launch this new client app, this error message appeared:

“OpenDNSUpdater.app” cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified.

OpenDNS is a Cisco product, free for individual household use. It’s hard to imagine that Cisco would not be recognized as a legitimate developer.

Any suggestions? I already know that I could use other non-ISP DNS servers (Google, Cloudfare, etc.), but I like the web content filtering provided by OpenDNS.

Right click on it, and choose Open, to bypass the warning.

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Thanks, that worked to launch the DNS updater app, but …

… even with my correct IP address, OpenDNS is not resolving my DNS requests. Following suggestions in OpenDNS.com support webpage, I ran a DNS leak test (dnsleaktest.com). This returned results indicating that my ISP (Cox Communications in Norfolk, VA) has hijacked and is resolving the DNS requests, despite my computer and router settings for OpenDNS as my DNS server.

This is troubling. I suspect that Cox may be hijacking my DNS requests (perhaps “directing DNS requests to Cox servers” is more polite). I will contact Cox support tomorrow for an explanation and (hopefully) a resolution of the issue.

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