IP Camera Recommendations for Synology NAS

I looked at the supported list of cameras on Synology’s website and was overwhelmed with the number of options. I tried to filter them down with a cursory Google search, but that didn’t yield any consensus options.

Curious what this group would recommend.

I also vaguely remember an episode where Katie said she used a Canary camera with her Synology? That’s what I thought she said, but the Canary isn’t supported by Synology, so maybe I misheard?

Basically, I would like to have the Synology store surveillance video without having to subscribe to a third-party service.

Thanks for the help!

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I am using 4 of these with my Synology NAS.
As for any IP camera update the firmware and change the admin password to something strong!!!



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If you are going to install more then 2 POE devices and don’t have a witch with POE capabilities.
Use a POE injector with multiple ports. This will make the installation much cleaner.

8 Port passive POE injector