iPad 11" Pro does NOT want to dim/lock screen? Suggestions?

Hello all – as per the title – I have the /Settings/Screen & Display set to auto-lock after 2 minutes. But regardless, no amount of playing around with the various settings (requiring “attention” from faceID etc. and the like), will see my iPad dim/lock/switch off its screen.

I just placed it down, cover open, lying face up underneath my MBP (which is on a raised stand) – and set a timer for 3 minutes when I started typing this. It’s already triggered, and this is now the better part of a minute past that – and still, the screen is lit up, and not going to sleep…

Any suggestions about a fix?
Running 16.2, about the install update to 16.3
As an aside – fairly certain this has been a problem for a while now (at least since last year, if not longer).

I have a 12.9 inch iPad that exhibits the same behavior. I’ve had it run my battery down if I forget to press the power button to make it sleep. I’ve reset it from scratch and it worked for a bit but now it’s in the same state. Not sure if it’s app related or not.

Any chance you are using Universal Control or Sidecar?

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I use universal control. hmmm. I could see that possibly keeping my ipad awake.

I feel dumb! That appears to be it, exactly.

It always bothered me when I was using my iPad extensively, which almost always happens when I am doing work on the iPad, in conjunction with related files on the Mac – i.e., in close enough proximity to my MBP, when Universal Control/Sidecar would be trying to do its thing…