iPad Air 3 (64 gb) or iPad 7 (128 gb)?

Hi there,

I really can’t make up my mind… I want to replace my iPad Air 2 but I would like your suggestion here: should I buy the iPad Air 3 (64 gb) or the iPad 7 (128 gb)? Both are around the same price here in Brazil.

I do my “serious” work on a MacBook Air, so I don’t think and iPad Pro makes sense for me. I will use the iPad to watch movies and TV shows, read the news and social media, play some games, and annotate pdf’s.

Which one should I buy?

Everything I’ve seen says get the air for longevity. The iPad 7 is basically for students.

Get something that uses a Pencil because Scribble is awesome. I am running the beta on my 9.7" iPad Pro which is old but still good.

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I have the iPad 7th generation, and it’s really a bang for the buck. The 128gb model is definitely worth it. It might have a slightly smaller screen, and the besels are a bit bigger, but at the end of the day, I think it’s your best option. I actually made a review for it on my youtube channel, Mac My Life Up, so if you want to hear about it in a bit more detail, I’d go there.

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I couldn’t agree more with the pencil support issue cause I’m absolutely loving it and it’s only going to get better when more apps support Scribble.

Thanks! Do you like the screen? Do you miss something that maybe you’d find in the Air?

I can easily see the difference between the bonded vs non-bonded screens when reading text… and I read a lot of text. so if you’re mostly consuming photos and video the regular iPad is a better and more affordable choice, otherwise I’d lean towards the Air.

All current-gen iPads including the 7th-gen iPad can use a Pencil (1st or 2nd gen, depending on the line).

Hmm, that’s important. I read a lot on the iPad. Are the screens really different in this aspect, then?

For me, yes. Note the ghosting.

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Wow! Incredible… Thanks for sharing you experience!

No worries. I’m not Georgia, by the way, that’s her tweet. Here’s another comparison of the air-gap in non-laminated iPads:

Since the less expensive iPad screen is not laminated to the glass there will be a noticeable air gap between the glass and the screen. Also, because the base iPad doesn’t have anti-reflective coating you’ll likely see a lot more of your own face and other reflections.

Wow. That is really bad.

FWIW the IPad Pro is amazing :slight_smile: but then thats probably not gonna fit the budget :slight_smile:

The price here in Brazil is outrageous. 1 USD = 5 BRL.

The screen is good, but the one on the air is definitely better, however the iPads screen is pretty nice.

Pricing for all sorts of electronics like Apple hardware, Playstations etc are expensive in Brazil largely because they are hit with numerous taxes to an extent not ordinarily seen elsewhere. There are import taxes, ICMS-ST (Substituição Tributária) and MVA taxes, ICMS State taxes, PIS (Program of Social Integration) and COFINS (Contribution for the Financing of Social Security) taxes, and the IPI Industrial Product tax.

I’ve imported inexpensive artwork from Brazil and got hit with outrageous taxes on the way out, too. Even Big Macs are expensive!