iPad Air 4th generation HDMI and Audio

I’m giving 3 presentations in Australia starting July 2. I would LOVE to not carry a laptop (can project from the ipad Air 4th generation with a HDMI to USB C connector). I do, however, need sound and can’t figure out a way to do both. Thoughts? Is there a magic gizmo?

I see some options on Amazon but with relatively unknown manufacturers.

I’m thinking I’m not understanding, but the USB-C to HDMI should carry both audio and video. Here’s Apple confirming it on their adapter sales page.

Thank you. I have an USB C to HDMI adapter and tried it with my monitor. Could not get sound This gizmo looks very cool but I see no place to plug in speakers.

HDMI carries audio as well but the target device needs to support that — your monitor probably does not have the built-in speakers. Try it with a TV.

Projectors will have audio out ports connected to speakers in the room or will have built-in speakers but check with the venue where you will be giving your presentation.

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Yes, I finally put that together. Now, I’m trying to decide whether I can do this with iPad only or should take my MBA :slight_smile: