iPad as Status Screen

Did a search but didn’t find any previous discussion on this.

I have a Satechi Dual Vertical Laptop Stand on my desk, and have my MacBook Pro 14" docked with an 11" iPad Pro on the front (a lot like that picture on their website). I’d like to use the iPad as a status screen with widgets. I have two questions:

  1. What are some of the best “status focused” widgets you’ve found so far? I’m running weather, email, calendar, photos, etc., but interested in adding others.
  2. The layout of the widgets is very awkward - they all seem to want to form a column to the left and not wrap to the right? Is this by design? Any idea how to force them all into one “page”?

Thanks, A.

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Answering my own question on #1 - just needed more content on the screen before the layout algorithm kicks in.

I can Put a widget where I want so long as there are other widgets or apps to pad out.

BTW I didn’t know this Satechi stand existed, I’ve ordered one so I can stand my open laptop in the back with my iPad in front so I can have three screens available (Monitor connected to the Laptop)

I only wish I could use a MacBook for work rather than Windows so I could use Universal Control
With the iPad

Sigh. This brought up fond memories of the old StatusBoard app.


Depending on your needs (and where you store data):

There are many “status” style widgets available via Scriptable, but you’ll need a good level of familiarity with JavaScript unless you find something that works for you without tweaking. See here for some sense of what’s possible: GitHub - dersvenhesse/awesome-scriptable: A curated list of awesome Scriptable scripts and widgets.

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