IPad Battery Drain/Life?

I charge my iPad Pro 10.5”, unplug it and come back to it over night and it’s drained considerably. I know that I’m not alone in having this happen, so I’m curious what everyone else is doing to mitigate this? Do you keep your iPad plugged in until you’re ready to disconnect it and use it/take it with you? Do you quit all of the apps that are running in the background? (Does that even help?) Do you put it in Airplane mode (does that even help?) Disable Notifications? Turn it off? Is there a “stand by” mode that I’m unaware of?


I charge mine every night so I have 100% when I unplug it. I then have enough charge for the day.


Airplane Mode definitely helps if you’re having trouble with spotty wifi or cell draining the battery. Normally it shouldn’t be too bad, though. What kinds of numbers are you seeing?

This is happening to me lately, too. I have a 9.7".

Cell service is toggled off and wifi is not spotty where I store it.

I unplugged it yesterday and took it, along with a book, to the park. I ended up not using the iPad, as I read the book instead. Came home and did a few things on the iPad (maybe FaceBook for a few minutes), and this morning the iPad was at 66%. I updated 9 apps, and it dropped down to 59%. It’s now plugged in and charging.

My guess is that having Mail open in the background, as well as notifications (like Twitter) are what’s causing the drain.

How old is it? My 2018 Pro’s battery is not great, but I am not having those kind of drains.

Did you check which apps are soaking up battery? The other day Overcast was going nuts and killing my battery. The battery chart made it clear something was wrong with it. Forced closed it, and it has been fine since.

Do you leave your Pencil attached? In my experience that’s caused faster draining while the iPad isn’t in use.

I have the Pencil, but I haven’t used it in ages. I’m sure it’s quite dead and in need of charging.

It’s a few years old (I can’t remember when I bought it; I’d have to look that up), but it’s still under the extended Apple Care.

What does your battery chart show? Anything abnormal? Checking that solves my battery issues 90% of the time. If there is not an app causing it, I would guess your battery is bad. It shouldn’t be going down that quickly.

It shows that over the last 10 days, Mail used 33% of the battery. I’ll try to remember to shut it down at night. I wish there was a “stand-by” mode to put it in, when not being used.

That sounds incredibly high, unless you spend a lot of time in Mail. Is it having connection issues maybe? Or is it set to check for new mail a lot?

Agreed, that it sounds high! I don’t spend much time in Mail at all, as I have an iPhone, MacBook Pro and an iMac, so I don’t do a lot of email reading on the iPad. I’ve since made it a point to ensure that Mail is closed when not in use.

Alternatively, I wonder if Mail is just trying to catch up by downloading or indexing large amounts of email. It could be that if it ever catches up, the energy usage will go down to normal levels.