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Hello MPU,

Need a help with a possible task…of course the more I thought about this task, the larger it got in my head! I wasn’t sure if this should go in the MPU forum or the Automators forum.

Basic Task

  • Each year I generate an excel sheet which contains a list of bills and due dates, I print it out. It’s either posted next to me on the wall or in the top desk of my drawer (which I open everyday in the morning and at certain times for routines). This is the one part of my workflow that is analog and I enjoy it.

Basic Solution

  • Print it out yearly and move on.

But this is MPU, why not go big!


  1. Repurpose old iPad Pro (9.7 with pencil) mount to the wall. (Can I put a PDF sheet in Kiosk mode?)
  2. Repurpose 2 of my iPads (one at my desk mounted to the wall) and the 2nd iPad mounted on the 2nd floor. Use it as live-sync notes or calendars? But how to make sure both are in sync and notifications are there?

Also, content keeping things on paper and pen. I know I could input all this into Omnifocus and make it as tasks. I do that already but I wanted another option that would let me utilize the Apple Pencil. Things are recalled better when they involve me writing.

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