iPad Drag About Setup

Sorry about the picture quality but it tells the story.

My hands often are not free to carry stuff. Even if they were I would not change the setup for my 10.5 iPad. I leave the bamboo box at home but I like to elevate my screens.

  • Moko case for the ipad - great corner and screen protection, adjustable angles (Moko Slim-Fit Multi-angle) Used these cases on a variety of devices, initial “smell” goes away, Case lasts for three years of daily use.)
  • Hermit Shell case for the logitech K811 full-size keyboard, case rigid enough to offer real protection
  • Moko case for my ipen (Had to take off grip sleave to use the case.)
  • Plantronics BlueTooth headphones
  • Cleaning stuff — Monster iClean
  • Messenger Bag — Canvas and leather, heavy, lots of dividers and pockets (Lifewit Genuine Leather Vintage 15.6" from Amazon) Case is essential as I often have paper/book reference materials as well as the junk above.

I use my iPad to for extensive writing, light number crunching, and some web publishing when I’m away from my iMac. I have not included creature features that also fit in the bag such as sunglasses, crushable hat, …

I have several alternate locations I write near my home. I take the box there if possible. (Lipper International 8188 Bamboo Tea Storage Box — removed the grid dividers inside the box

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