iPad failed to communicate with a helper app issue

When trying to unzip big archived files such as all my university / former job files the iPad take a deep breath then seems to pass out before unzipping… It says “failed to communicate with a helper app”, and it’s really frustrating. I had to download on a friends PC the Zip files from iCloud.com and unzip on the PC and transfer back via USB… What’s really going on in iPad OS behind the scenes for this to happen?

Is the zip on your device (local storage) or in the cloud?
The size could complicate a “cloud unzip”?

I have gotten that same warning while moving folders between iCloud Drive and Dropbox.

A thought: I suspect this might have to do with the issue that iOS is currently very aggressively closing background processes.

@JKoopmans Yes, they’re stored on iCloud BUT were locally transferred from a PC onto the iPad’s storage. Unless it immediately offloads it or ‘locks’ the file to be uploaded? But still, now that it has uploaded, I suspect it’s on the cloud.

@Ricky That’s the very one!

@JKoopmans Yes, perhaps it’ll be fixed with a future update. I’ve seen widespread reports and surely enough, when I’m going between WhatsApp and iBooks on my XR, I’m being thrown back to my last bookmark! Sad times

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