iPad freezing a lot


Hi, I have 12.9 iPad Pro with 512gb memory that I bought in April 2018.

Recently it’s been Freezing very frequently for up to 20 seconds. I’ve deleted a lot of apps, reset the settings, re-booted etc but it’s still doing it.

Does anyone have any more suggestions?


Have you tried reinstalling iOS through iTunes and setting it up like a new device? It is annoying to download everything again from the App Store (and not using your backup), but it might help.


I have had the same issue with my 12.9 Pro (thin bezel version). I have not upgraded to the latest iOS version yet.

I did a restart today, as the whole thing completely froze and was unusable. Had to hold power and volume down for about 20 seconds (I guessed at the magic button sequence since, of course, I could not browse the web for it!). It took about 10 min to reboot, but so far has been OK today.


Question about the freezing… is this a case of the display becoming unresponsive a few seconds (10 to 20 seconds seems to be the usual) then working again and then not and so on?

I believe the iPad has an ongoing issue for most models. I’ve seen it in my Air 2 as well as two versions of iPad Pro 12.9”. iPad screen will become unresponsive to touch for a few seconds then work then not then work. Could go on for days and then seemingly disappear for days. I think that keeping the screen clean helps but only to some degree. Not sure if this is hardware or software but I’ve seen the issue (as far as I can remember) going back to iOS 10.

It’s the one behavior of the iPad that drives me crazy.


Thanks, I’ll give that a try


Sounds a bit “nuclear” but I may need to - thanks.


Thanks, I had one of the first of the 12.9 pros and never encountered this problem so it’s frustrating to have it on a newer machine. I have a few more ideas to try so I’ll see how it goes.


Mine has been doing the same as well.