iPad Gesture to show Control Center baffling me

I’m having a real problem with some of the iPad gestures. The big hassle is trying to get the control center to display. I’ve got it set in settings to display in apps and to open on lock screen.

However when I swipe down from upper right corner I get the Siri suggestions and the bar with open apps and never the control center. If the iPad is locked and I do that I do get the control center.

I’m clearly doing something wrong but I can’t seem to figure it out and I have never gotten the control center to come up when the iPad is unlocked.


Make sure your finger is on the icons in the right upper corner, then pull down. If the bar with the opened apps comes up, your finger was too low. If the notifications comes up, your finger was too far to the left.

I always start off the active area, then pull down.


Atta boy @JohnAtl. Great response. Swiping down from the top right corner of the screen always works for me.


Thanks for the screen capture, it appears I was not starting high up enough or far enough to the right.

It just seems weird to start on an existing icon so even when I was up at the top I was to the left of the wifi icon so always getting something else.

To me I would expect that touching the wifi or battery icons would eventually bring up battery settings or wifi network settings not the control panel.


You are not alone!

The way I teach my clients is to start the swipe with their finger OFF screen. It’s not about touching the icons — think of them as being there to remind you what corner to start the swipe.

Search happens with a swipe on screen, so I teach them to swipe down from the middle of their screen.

This avoids the overlap of gestures and makes it easier to learn.


Curious why you would expect a gesture on the home screen to take you into settings? This hasn’t been the case for any version of iOS. I guess the macOS menu bar icon brings up additional information/options, which to me, control centre is a similar analog with giving you more more detailed information/options about those icons.

Because to me I expect touching any icon to do something to or with that icon. It feels like a violation of basic UI principles to have an icon in a place you touch for something else. If I touch an app icon it goes to that app. To me the various swipe gestures are not particularly intuitive.

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I suppose for me, since the status bar was never tap-able (save for a couple exceptions like recording), I never associated that paradigm/expectation. But you’re right, many apps have icons in a corner that, when tapped, do something. Mentally, I separated out the OS from apps.

The worst is when there’s no icon and it’s a hidden swipe gesture that’s undiscoverable.