iPad Hard Cases

Hi all
Got myself a nice new iPad Air 4th Gen with cellular to take flying with me and I’m looking for a decent hard case to protect it if I happen to drop it on a tarmac etc

This looks good and a friend has a Otter case for an older model.

Any other recommendations?



My wife uses a Tuatara case that’s hard sided and includes a handle/stand on the back. Has a place for the pencil to charge - Pro version.

I can recommend the ESR Brand on Amazon (maybe avalible at other retailers?) I have used at least two of these cases and one is still on an old iPad Mini that I have lying around (5 years old), the case is still going strong and the iPad has 0% damage.

I’ve enjoyed my STM Dux case on my older iPad. Quite tough and I think they look a little better than the Otterboxes. Although things were a little confusing when my kids’ school issued iPads in them for remote learning (which I took as a sign they thought elementary students couldn’t break them).

Here’s the DUX that STM advertises for the iPad Air 4th Generation. It looks like it includes pencil storage.

In the end I went with the Otter Box case - had a gift card for Xmas from work so it was effectively free :wink:

Seems good (using it now) and I’m going flying this weekend so I’ll let you know how it goes


I’ve had two Otter Boxes for 6 mos. or so, with two small kids, and the cases have held up great.

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