iPad in Sidecar Mode vs. Portable Secondary Display? Resolution considerations and options

I am using an 11 inch iPad in Sidecar mode as a second display. I have considered upgrading to a 15.6-inch Sidetrak portable display. I keep Fantastical and Reminders on this display but there is not enough space to see them both completely.

I have 2 questions:

  1. For a 15.6-inch display, will I see the difference between Full HD and a 4K display (that const considerably more)?

  2. Does anyone have any other recommendation for a secondary reference display?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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Do you know if it possible to connect iPad to Mac mini as primary display with SideCar?

I’m interested in this as well. Sidecar works great with my person laptop. it won’t work with my employer’s laptop since it they don’t allow iCloud which sidecar requires.