iPad in the bath

@ismh has talked on Connected about the new iPad mini being the ideal bath iPad. I’m too chicken to use anything in the tub that’s not immersion-rated, which basically means my iPhone and Kindle Oasis.

Anyone brave enough to to use your iPad (or other non-waterproof Apple gear) in the tub?

No and I can’t even imagine why anyone would want to. Maybe I have no imagination.


Seems like a good place for a VESA mount with an adapter for an iPad.


I do this all the time. It’s risky, I admit. But I’ve gotten so much little admin work done that way. Lots of reading, too. I’ve even wasted time on forums and games from time-to-time, too. For me, if I’m going to buy premium equipment I want to squeeze every drop of life out of my devices. So, I use them everywhere. I recognize that using an iPad in the bath may not be totally prudent. This post is not a recommendation to use it there. More of a confession.


FWIW, I used some AirPods Gen 2 during a bath, and although they touched no water, the steam/humidity killed the microphones on both within the week. They only record faint static since.

One of my exes showed me some self-care articles talking about reading books in the tub. Not e-books - paper books. That seems even crazier, although not as expensive if it goes horribly wrong.


Ther’e an opportunity for “TMI” here. :slight_smile:

Suffice it to say I have the iPad (closed) playing podcast episodes while on a broad shelf at the end of my bath. There is a small risk of splashing - but I don’t have rubber ducks or fishing boats to play with anymore… :slight_smile:

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I personally am not brave enough to use any expensive device near water. The only device that breaks my first statement is the Apple watch, and I still second guess myself with the Apple Watch at times (series 4) when I go swimming. But in the grand scheme, I guess if you have Apple Care, doesn’t that take care of any issues that may occur?

From my reading of the fine print, it appears AppleCare+ will cover your watch for accidental damage, for a fee, the same as their other products. AFAIK water damage is not covered without AC+

Reading a book in the tub is one of life’s greatest pleasures. :slight_smile:

New AirPods 3 and a watch or a recent iPhone should work fine around water, right? That also sounds pleasant. A HomePod Mini should also work fine next to the shower, even though it doesn’t have an official water rating.

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Books are easy to dry. :smiley:

AirPods 3 are rated for splashes, but not immersion.

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HomePod mini playing an audiobook do it for me. My arm gets tired from trying to keep the Kindle/iPhone dry. My iPad mini will not come near the bathroom …

Nope, no long soaks in a tub either, not my cup of tea.