IPad just alerted me about my compromised passwords

My iPad just alerted me that a couple of dozen of my passwords (many old, stupid passwords), have appeared in a data leak. Which I greatly appreciate.

Notably, 1Password’s Watchtower isn’t aware of these compromises. I also had to go manually run the report to check for breaches.

I’ve been looking around at password managers (cross platform), and this (in addition to a weird sync issue) is another nudge.

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Was it KeyChain which alerted you?

Yes. Settings | Passwords | Security recommendations

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Glad it alerted you. I really like Apple’s built-in password management. I had an identity theft attempt (thwarted by the fact that I work in finance and got ahead of it, but scary nonetheless), and Apple’s password manager was like, “Uh…ya might want to change some of these ASAP”!

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I’ve seen this in the past but it turned out to be because the password wasn’t in 1Password - when I migrated away from Keychain I changed a lot of passwords in 1Password but never bothered to update Keychain.