iPad Keyboard - advice, please

I’ve promised my niece a new iPad for her art degree, most likely the 11” iPad Pro. What are readers’ views about a keyboard? The folio, the Magic or a third party?

That might depend on her use case. If she’s using it primarily as a laptop replacement and doesn’t mind having the device in a case at all times (some cases just don’t lend themselves to quick on/off), there are good third-party options that won’t break the bank.

But if she’ll often be using it for as a tablet, while still frequently needing a keyboard, there’s just no beating the Magic, pricey though it is.


I use and like the one. You can detach the keyboard and and still have the case protecting the back.

There’s also a third scenario where the ipad is primarily used as a tablet. Then a fully detached keyboard might be a better option.

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Thanks for the suggestions. The Logitech combo looks a good combination and I have one of their keyboards on my wife’s older iPad, so I know the keys feel Ok (assuming they’ve not pulled a butterfly stunt over the past three years). I’ve never tried the Magic keyboard, so I think we’ll just head to the Apple store and try it.

The Magic Keyboard for iPad really is the gold standard here. Nothing out there seems to match Apple’s trackpad.


I’ve got both the Logitech Combo Touch and the Magic Keyboard for iPad. Currently using the latter but started with the Logitech. They’re both fantastic to type on with very similar feel. In both cases the trackpad is excellent. In my opinion the trackpad and keyboard are equal in quality.

The Logitech has the added benefit of the top row of special media keys. I really like the feel of the Logitech material and suspect it lasts much longer than the Magic Keyboard. My previous two Apple-made keyboard folios for iPad made of same material did not last more than about a year before wrinkling and bubbling up, I suspect a reaction to the oil of my skin. Due to that I put a dbrand skin on this Magic Keyboard which also provides a better texture.

A couple of last points: the Magic Keyboard is easier for doing actual in-lap laptoppy stuff as it’s all one unit and more stable in that context. The Logitech has the added benefit of the always on kickstand-case which detaches from the keyboard, really nice for watching movies or other situations where a keyboard isn’t needed but propping up the iPad is useful. The case has a nice rubber bumper that just gives the iPad a safe/protected feel to it.

In terms of durability, the only negative I noticed about the Logitech after several months of use were two bits of rubber, each where the speaker grill is and where I would put my thumbs when holding the iPad. Both of those began to stretch. Rather than a tight fit each of those now sort of stretch out a bit from the iPad. Not a deal breaker but I found myself annoyed.

Edit to add that I initially had not planned to purchase Apple’s offering here and only did so because Best Buy had it on sale, $150 off of the original cost. I expect to have this device for at least 2 to 3 years if not longer and thought at that price a back-up case would not go to waste and at that price it was worth it to me.

My niece is also using her iPad for ‘drawing’, she never uses the keyboard actually. So might better check if she needs a keyboard in the first place.


I agree with @Denny re: the Combo Touch. I have not noticed the stretching of the rubber. My keyboard is about ~3-4 months old (I think) and maybe I hold mine differently.

Check out my previous thread where I thought my iPad Pro was dead and I needed a new one, researched cases and then literally as I was about to leave to go to the Apple Store, the dead iPad finally sprang back to life. I got a good few case recommendations on the way, and I’m still considering another iPad as this one is beginning to be unable to do some of the latest new features due to its vintage hardware.

I’ll add from experience, it’s probably best to engage the recipient in the choice of case / keyboard, since accessories can be a very personal choice.

For what it’s worth, I had the wrinkle thing happen with two Apple keyboard folios, but after a year and a half, it has yet to happen on my Magic Keyboard. I think Apple adjusted something with the MK to address the issue.

I’ve been happy with the keyboard folio. I mostly use the iPad as a tablet, caseless. I can easily get the iPad into and out of the folio, and it functions as a case when I’m out and about.

The Magic Keyboard is a better keyboard, and has that trackpad. But it’s a bit trickier to get the iPad into and out of. And so expensive!

I use the folio, had the magic keyboard but the extra weight made it uncomfortable to move around, and the bulk interfered with “tablet mode”. The folio is lighter and folds away easier to allow laying it on a flat surface.

But I think it all depends on how often she will use the keyboard, if only rarely I’d say typing on screen might be enough? Or via any other bluetooth keyboard?

I’m the same, either I’m holding it or with a stand built for poking the screen with a Pencil. I regret buying the folio keyboard because it ended up being used as a case and less as a keyboard.