IPad Keyboard Issues and choices

Hi all, I have looked through the forum for some tuning similar but as the threads are quite old by tech standards, I thought I’d start a new one.

I have purchased an iPad 11 Pro and the Logitech Combo keyboard. It seems to be acting up a little as I write online (medium in particular) Causing a good amount of frustration when you are trying to get words on “paper”.

So, my question is, for anyone who has the Logitech, how happy are you with the unit and has anyone had one and ended up exchanging for the Magic Keyboard even at the much greater expense?

Over to the brains trusts!

I have the Combo Touch for the 12.9" and the Magic Keyboard. I much prefer the Touch for desk based usage and if I just want to use the iPad for watching movies (as the keyboard detaches and the kickstand offers more angles) Where I prefer the Magic Keybaord is for ‘lapability’ as the Combo Touch is pretty useless in that regard due to stability.

I’ve had the Combo for a couple of years and have had two issues with it. Firstly there is a bit of warping on the edge of the case on one side, like the plastic has become loose. It’s a minor visual annoyance. Secondly I find the keyboard very intermitently looses connection to the ipad and I have to disconnect and reconnect it to establish connection again.

Overall, if I had to keep only one it would probably be the Combo Touch for the versatility of the kick stand and the function key row on the keyboard.


I’m generally in agreement with @obbiie. I’ve got the LCT for the 13" and prefer it to the Magic Keyboard for iPad. The kickstand and extra rubber bumper for keeping the iPad safe are appreciated. I use the kickstand often without the keyboard. I’ve had no issues with the keys or typing. If you continue to have issues I’d try to exchange. I also had the problem with the rubber stretching near all four speaker grills. This, from what I understand, has been corrected in the newest models. In my case I found it annoying at just snipped the lose, stretched rubber bits off with scissors. Much better. The only other flaw is the edges of the keyboard where your arms/wrists might rub are a bit sharp, sometimes irritating.

One thing I’ll add about using the LCT off of a desk I’ve actually found it works very well but not if I just try to use it in my lap. But I often work from my futon/bed and have experimented with different arrangements. My current favorite is a bit dorky but it’s super comfortable and stable. Several months back I was given a pillow stand by a relative that had an extra they didn’t want. I took it expecting I would never use it. But I’ve actually found this works very well in a rather unorthodox configuration.

I fold the kickstand out and place it over the triangle. This, when set on a pillow or two on my lap raises the iPad to the perfect height, eye level, minimizing strain. And that angle of the keyboard is perfect for typing an minimizes the edge irritation I mentioned above. Also, super easy to pull the keyboard off and just watch video. Due to vision issues I tend to remove my glasses and keep the iPad fairly close and have found that when I’m not using the keyboard it’s pretty comfortable to sort of rest my hands up on the pillow.

In general I think the LCT is the kind of keyboard/case that lends itself to experimentation in terms of configuration.


+1 for the Logitech Touch Combo.

I use it for several hours a day and it’s good.

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Thanks all, I shall persevere! I’ll spend a lot more time on it today and see if it might be just a quirk or my typihg skills, but it is annoying so might see if I can swap it for another one. If it happens again I’ll accept that it is likely me!

One thing I meant to note! I find that it works better with the trackpad set to require a click. Tap to click was giving me problems with a jumping cursor! In that specific area I think the Magic Keyboard is better as I can use tap to click with no problem.

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++1 for Logitech Combo Touch.

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