iPad loses wifi connection everytime it sleeps

My 12.9" iPad Pro (2nd gen - with home button), has started losing its wifi connection every time it turns off (even if only for a second or two). Previously, it would reconnect when I would reawaken it from sleep. Now, everytime I wake it, I have open the Settings app and reconnect to the same network it was on. It usually reconnects without me having to re-enter any credentials or do anything else.

I have tried turning off my VPN to see if that changes anything. It hasn’t changed anything.

I have tried testing it with wide-open wi-fi (where you don’t need any credentials). It doesn’t seem to have an effect.

I have done a hardware reset (with the power and volume buttons).

I can’t correlate this starting with any software update. The iPad is running version 12.4.1 and it was happening before this update was installed. I have never loaded beta software on it.

Has anybody else noticed this happening or have other ideas for what could be happening? I am contemplating a full factory reset and reloading everything, but would rather not have to go through that setup again (even though it is pretty simple with iCloud backups nowdays).

Thanks in advance!

Try this:
Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network settings

This is a good suggestion for @DaveKuch’s problem.

Do you have a suggestion for one of the consequences of “Reset Network Settings”? After you reset network settings, all of your previous wifi network passwords are lost. Yes, I understand that some of these can be recovered, perhaps by sync from your other devices or by someone close by sharing a wifi password. Other wifi passwords that were only on your device will be lost, however. Is there any way to preserve older wifi passwords?

I tried this, and it seems to have solved my problem. I was surprised that after the reset, I didn’t need to re-log into my work wifi. We have a BYOD network, but you still have to use your network credentials to get on it. The iPad remembered everything, and just went online with no further dialog boxes.

So far, the network settings have stayed for about an hour with multiple sleep/wake transitions. Thanks @MacExpert and @Arthur

You should know the passwords you have the rights to join. Otherwise ask the owner of the network again.

If iCloud is setup correctly you can find and note down the passwords in the Keychain on your Mac BEFORE resetting the Network settings.

I discovered that my passwords all synced to my Mac’s keychain. When I lost access to a handful of WiFi access points is connected to with my iPhone I opened Settings and screenshotted all the WiFi spots there, then when I was back home at my iMac I opened Keychain Access and looked for matching WiFi names. I copied the names and passwords to a Notes file and the next time I was at one of the access points I logged in with the passwords and they got re-saved to my iPhone.

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Of course. But “should know” and “know” are different. :grinning:

“In theory, the practical and the theoretical are the same. In practice, they are not”.

Thanks! And thanks to @bowline as well.

A good admin changes WiFi passwords like diapers :blush::joy:

Or has WPA 2 Enterprise enabled :+1:

Worked like a charm. Thanks for the advice.