iPad + macOS + iOS notes app with Pencil support. tables & formulas?

Does anybody know of a notes app that?

  1. supports using the Pencil on an iPad.
  2. is cross platform - between Apple platforms is all I need, so iPad, macOS, and iOS.
  3. has tables, with simple maths formulas (even just a total would be a nice start). Tables don’t need to be usable with the pencil necessarily.

Numbers might work. It does everything you describe - including writing numbers into table cells

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Agreed, Numbers can do much of what Pages can do in terms of text and graphics but with all the functions of a spread sheet.

Actually, Pages will do this too. You have to create the Table on the Mac as the iOS version of Pages won’t do formulas. But once you have it set-up on the Mac you can edit on an iPad and the calculations will update. So it’s possible to just copy/paste/insert new rows/columns that will continue calculating.

I remember Nebo has the functionality of recognizing math formulas and even solving them.

I’m not sure if that’s what you want but may help you.