iPad matte screen protector and pen lag


I am writing a lot on my iPad Air (4th gen) using the Logi Crayon (1st edition, orange one). With the stylus directly on the glass screen, the action is very good. But I’ve recently trialled a matte screen protector with a reasonable price tag (this one). I’ve experienced distinct pen lag: parts of the letter shapes don’t get picked up; and swiping from bottom of the screen to activate the app drawer is hit and miss. This makes it pretty much unusable so I tore the thing off after two days (despite giving myself a week to bed in).

So do people have experience with this and reckons it’s time for a differently branded matte screen protector; or I should try the real Apple Pencil; or should I accept that all matte ‘paper like’ protectors impact on stylus sensitivity somewhat? I like the Crayon and have no other reason for switching, but a better ‘paper-like’ writing experience would be great.


I have this matte screen protector and the 1st Gen Apple Pencil with my 7th Gen (base model) iPad and have not noticed any of the issues you mention. As far as the ‘paper-like’ writing experience goes, I actually prefer the smooth feel of the pencil on the glass directly. However, I have the matte protector as I regularly use my iPad for my notes when speaking in settings where glare is an issue. That use is more important than perfect pencil feel to me… so maybe I’m not the best judge of this.

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Thanks that’s a good tip. I see that your recommended protector is made from glass whereas mine’s plastic, perhaps that has an impact on conductivity. I’ll give this a go.

I use a Paperlike (https://paperlike.com) screen protector on all of my iPads. I used the first version and the second (latest) version, which is even better. It has never caused lag or insensitivity with the Apple Pencil (gen 1 or 2). I can’t imagine that the Logi Crayon would be any different, but I’ve never used one.

It gives me a nice matte surface with more grip, which makes writing easier for me. And it has very little distortion of the screen.

It’s definitely a more expensive option, but for me it’s well-engineered and worth it.

When I’ve had lags or skips, it’s been because the nib of the Apple Pencil has become slightly unscrewed. You might check to see if something similar has happened to your Logi Crayon. I also replace my tips once or twice a year. You might need a replacement.

Great tips. That might actually tip me over towards getting the Paperlike which I’ve never fully trusted … but your real life use case sounds like it is in fact worth it! I think that my tip is still going strong but I’ve never replaced it, so who knows, I can try a fresh one too.


HI @margaretamartin – just a quick note of thanks and to say how right you were. I shelled out for the Paperlike 2.1 and though £36 for two is a ridiculous price, they are very good. Much better than the cheapo version I had. Writing is a joy on them, much better than on the glass, and they are so thin that there is still a lot of fine detail on the iPad screen.

I also got new stylus tips (in fact, no name aftermarket ones aimed at the Apple Pencil user, but I discovered that the Crayon uses the exact same tips).

So I’ve finally been converted – and btw, no more issues with lag. Thanks :slight_smile:

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