IPad mini beckons… can I justify?

I’m thinking about adding a new iPad mini to bag. But… do I “really” need it?
I have a 2018 iPad Pro 11 that I use for note taking with the pencil, Omni focus reviews and general consumption. So far so good?
I’d like to do the same thing with a mini because it’s lighter and would take up less space on my desk and I’m my bag. I would keep the 11 and use it as an extra screen.
Do I have a case here? If I mention I like the purple?

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Absolutely, Danny! The mini is a machine I couldn’t live (as happily) without! The weight is perfect. You can easily read books when you are relaxing. The price is right. Purple is a terrific color for this fun and utility-minded apparatus. I am pretty sure you can use the Apple Pencil with the newer Ipad minis.

I actually have two iPad minis. One I can no longer upgrade but other than that it works perfectly and I’ve probably had it for ten years!

Don’f worry, you will still use you iPad Pro. I have an iPad Air which I use along with my iPad mini.

I just bought a Mac but if I were to buy another iDevice I might very well get myself a new mini.

You deserve one!!!

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Katie, I think I love you… thanks for empowering me :joy::joy:

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Are you at least single, Danny? LOL!!

And you are so welcome!

Danny I am in exactly the same boat as you, I have an 11 inch Pro which I love. My ‘work’ work I do on my iMac and therefore the 11inch is a great size that I can work on it if I need to, but unlike the 12.9 inch its not too big for sitting in bed/on the couch watching Netflix or browsing the web.

I have been debating whether to get a mini or not, I recently bought a secondhand Mini 2 to see what it was like, but although I live the form factor, it was ridiculously slow and as it did not have touchID, using 1Password was a real pain.

If I had a 12.9 inch Pro, it would be easier to justify the new Mini as there is enough of a size difference, but with the 11 inch, it was not as clear cut.

So to cut a long story short, I have ordered a new Mini, it should be here on Sunday. I figure I can try it for a while and if I dont like it, I should be able to sell it quite easily. I am just trying to work out how I will be splitting the usage between the 11inch Pro and the Mini, I am thinking the Mini will be for reading, and quick browsing, I will still use the 11 for watching movies etc. Not sure if the Mini will be better for note taking or not.

I prefer to do my weekly Omnifocus review on the 11 as I connect the Magic Keyboard to it and get into the flow.

What I find with some Apple devices is that justifying them on paper is very difficult but when you actually use them, they just fit, this was true of my first (and all subsequent) iPads, my AirPods and Apple Watch for me.

In summary, I think you should get one, if you don’t get on with it you should be able to sell it without losing much. If you do get one, please report back how you get on with it, I will do the same.

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Thanks everyone. I’m going to check it out. Will report

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When you truly get down to it, you just likely need the most very basic, right? But if you’d like to be happy, enthused, creative then you need the right apparatus and the mini will enhance your life.

Prior to buying a M1 MacBook Air, I purchased first a mini and later a IPad Air. (I also have an older ipod.) I get a heckuva lot of use out of both even though I have the new Mac. The only real feature lacking with my mini is Apple Pencil. And I bought it about four years ago. Still I love :two_hearts: it! And I never regretted it for an instant.

The Pro, a very cool machine, and the mini are two very different sizes and good for different things. For instance, it is very late, I am typing on my iPad Air and it is getting heavy. I REALLY should be using my mini.

Besides one is typically fully charged. One is in need of a charge. There are so many factors. I couldn’t begin to name them.

It depends on what you want and you want that early Christmas present :gift: or birthday gift or your something for your Saint’s Day (LOL!).

Get the 256 GB. If you have a phone, you can skip the connectivity (I’ve never had it). Color? Hmm! Purple?


I have been buying Apple devices since the 1980’s and I have never once regretted it! In fact, last time I checked my Performa 6200 still worked and I was the only one who ever fixed it.


Multiple lifestyle here. 12.9” iPad Pro and a new iPad mini. Not regretting it so far. They really feel like very different devices. The Pro is more of a desk machine while the mini works better handheld. Throwing the mini into a small bag when I go out is no big deal, while taking the Pro with me is much more of a production.


I think if you have a 12.9 pro its easier to justify, the 11inch Pro is just at that sweet spot where it can be used for both.


Did I need the iPad mini. Nope. Did I order a cellular iPad mini with Apple Pencil. Yep


Did you get it yet???

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How Are you finding the difference in refresh rates?

If I scroll text on the mini and the pro side by side I can tell, but in practice I don’t really notice much.

(This reply written on my iPad mini at the cafe in IKEA.)


Comes in Monday. I’ll be living the 2 iPad lifestyle. M1 iPad Pro and iPad mini. Actually 3 iPads if I count the 2018 iPad Pro that’s in our kitchen for recipes etc.

LOL!! I have three myself. One has to be close to ten years old and no longer updatable. But it still works just fine. I don’t have a Pro. I bought a MacBook Air M1 instead. But I have an iPad Air that I love. Actually I love all of them.

Which color are you getting?

Have fun!


Space grey. I’d have loved green but no dice.

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I struggled with this myself. Sooo glad I bought the Mini. I use it primarily for reading and a sketchbook. The other day I sketched some ideas while out and about, then airdropped them onto my 12.9 to complete a full drawing at home.