iPad mini excitement

Have to say, after watching some of the videos and seeing that you can shoot 4K ProRes footage, I imagine that takes up space.

I ended up ordering the Mini - though after ordering, I wish I’d gone for the Purple over the Space Grey, but at the end of the day, it’s not a big deal - not like the old days anyhow, where I had to have a black iPhone so I didn’t have, what I considered, to be the hideous white chin and home button! I did get the Cherry cover though, so the hope is that’s a bit of colour to it! Went for the 64GB, because I checked my current usage and that’s 41GB - mostly Audible and Podcasts, so can easily be slimmed down.

Oddly the rear camera flash was the clincher really - when I do inspections, I have to look in dark places, and having a flashlight on the device I’m using helps. The Pro I’ve got often doesn’t get used at the minute, as FaceID is still hit and miss with mask wearing.

I like the new Mini, its design is great.

EDIT: I decided to change my mind after seeing one of these would be available in a local store this week. With educational discount and trade in, the price was right. Now, I’m also looking forward to picking mine up at the end of the week.

One question: has anyone seen a picture of the virtual keyboard on the 6? Is it still “mini” or is it the full size keyboard from the Pro? I’m assuming it’s still the same, but if this thing has a tab key I’ll be doing backflips…

Family pictures and videos on device. Priceless :grinning:

I have lot of podcasts,ScreenCastsOnline and training videos, Audible which I keep on device.

I know I can just download them when I want too, but the first line beats it😀

Yup. Anything I’ve watched / listened to typically gets shuffled off-device, but especially when you’re accumulating video things fill up quick. :slight_smile:

And there’s one app where I have these courses available in video format. Each lesson is 5-10 minutes long, so they’re good to just fill in some spare time if I have a minute. But they’re video, and I don’t always have a stellar Internet connection - so having them downloaded and ready makes it more likely that I’ll watch them. :slight_smile:

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I’m excited to get the iPad mini … I just wish it had Face ID! Touch ID has never worked well or consistently for me.

I just ordered that iClever BK06 foldable keyboard, but I’m anxious to hear Rosemary’s feedback on the Logitech Keys to Go. As always, trying to figure things out from Amazon reviews is maddening!!

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Just noticed Apple has significant discounts on the ipad Mini if purchased through their Education store. Depending on your scruples, you can order without being a student because I do not believe there are any checks in place.

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Looks like $50 off the iPad mini and about $24 off AppleCare.

You have to verify through Unidays to get the discount (ordered mine through the Education store yesterday), at least in the UK. You also get 20% off AppleCare as well through the Education store (again in the UK).

Excited for the iPad mini because I recently bought a Steel Series xBox style game controller with an Amazon discount and four months free with Apple Arcade offer. I might spring for the whole Apple One bundle once the arcade offer expires.

I only have a 2nd gen Macbook 12 in USBC, an iPhone 6s that still works fine and MacBook Intel 2010 model upstairs for backups. A lot of Arcade games are iOS only so a iPad mini would be great for this, plus reading, note taking etc. The idea of a clip on pencil instead of charging cable is cool too. Basically, I’m liking what the new iPad mini does as opposed to upgrading a phone that works just fine as a phone.

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I have a Logitech Keys to Go and I love it. It goes everywhere with me. Battery lasts forever and I like the key action. It is very quiet so perfect for notes at a meeting. Not sure I’d want to write a novel on it or type all day but it’s great for what it is.


Ordered a cellular purple mini with dark cherry case. So excited! My first iPad was a first generation mini in college before I moved up to larger models. Looking forward to using this while out and about. Also looking forward to using this as a mini hub to offload my SD card while taking pictures.

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I’m curious to see if someone comes up with a good iPad mini-specific stand to use with a keyboard.

I have a bunch of Bluetooth keyboards but might need to find a good iPad mini one.

My thought is that it should work with my Fintie Magic Keyboard case as long as the iPad case isn’t too thick.

I was so impressed with the Mini 6 that I’m thinking of trading in my 2020 12.9 256gb. I find myself really only using my ipad to read pdfs and take handwritten notes for grad school. The 12.9 is too big to hold comfortably while reading and I never turned into a power iPadOS user so I rarely carry my magic keyboard around. Trade in value of my 12.9 is $580 and a 256gb mini 6 is $599 with education pricing. If I sell my 12.9 Magic Keyboard it would cover Apple Care and make it an even swap.

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Think the folio case will let the Mini stand in landscape so you can use any BlueTooth keyboard in front of it.

I have a spare Magic Keyboard for my travel bag (use it so I can connect iPad Pro or MBP to a hotel flatscreen) and also a Logitech K810 (which I currently use in the lounge for TV and AppleTV) play with first.

Waiting for the first keyboard case to consider, else the Logitech Keys-To-Go has a good form factor to fit the Mini

Should work, but it might rest on the rim of the keyboard itself. I remember there was just about room for the tapered version of the iPad

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I so want to order a mini but I just can’t justify it. My everyday driver iPad is the 11 inch pro which is a nice enough size for most jobs. If I had a 12.9 pro, I would be able to justify it as a smaller device to carry around, but the 11 inch is portable enough.

Someone find me a justification

Any way you could justify selling the 11" pro and upgrading to the 12.9"? Then you’d have the justification you need for buying the Mini. :smiley:


For whatever it’s worth: have you considered an 11” Pro or the Air? I love my Mini 5 for general reading. But for reading journal articles, student essays, and the like I much prefer something closer to the size of a (US) standard sheet of paper.

Plus, every now and again I want to read something while making handwritten notes, and the 11” is just large enough for split screen mode to work reasonably well for that.